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The Alliance of Tenant Representatives (ATR) is an independent commercial real estate network organisation whose members represent business space tenants and end users exclusively.

Becoming an ATR member is not simply a tick in the box. It is a commitment to lead by example and a marque of quality for business space tenants and end users seeking excellence.

ATR is a values-based organisation requiring all members to comply with its Canon of Ethics.


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You value your independence and want to access the broad-based peer support provided by a community of like-minded business owners and principals.

You want to engage with other tenant representatives acknowledged as experts or trusted advisors in their own niche area of specialization.

You want to share and develop knowledge of best practice insights, perspectives and learning to benefit your customers.

Global Reach

Atlanta • Auckland • Austin • Boston • Brisbane • Chicago • Dallas • Houston • London • Los Altos • Melbourne •  New York City • Newport Beach • Philadelphia • Plano • Sydney

Application process, joining fee and dues

Request an application form online. Return the completed form to Membership. It will then
be considered by the Membership Committee who (following due diligence) will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors. You will then be contacted by us directly and may be invited to attend ATR’s next quarterly member meeting. Afterwards, the membership will vote on the prospective member’s admission to ATR. Membership is non-transferable.
Membership is subject to payment of a one-time joining fee (per firm) and payment thereafter of annual dues (per member location) for the calendar year 1st January to 31st December.

Annual conference

2023 (Feb 2-3) Newport Beach, CA


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Membership benefits include: